24/7/365 -Reservation Center



Group Americar is proud to be a leader and innovator of technology in the Black car industry. Group Americar offers a range of seamless and streamlined reservation booking tools that includes the Group Americar Smartphone App, Online Reservations tool, and the Concierge booking tool (for Administrators, Executive Assistants, and Employees who place multiple reservations for others within their firm). We have also Streamlined direct communications between our Dispatch Center, Travelers, and Drivers through direct e-mail and text messaging notification systems.

  • E-mail Notifications: Select as many e-mail addresses as needed- Passenger(s), Booker, Assistant(s), etc.
  • Confirmation E-mail: Displays your Reservation particulars for your review to ensure errors are caught prior to pick-up.
  • Driver ETA E-mail: Notes Driver’s details (name, car number and cellphone) and Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA).
  • Sends: 24HR Reservation Reminders.
  • Text Message: Added notification of the Driver’s details and GPS tracking link to monitor your driver’s location in real-time without the App.